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What has been taking so long!

2017-02-04 15:51:54 by Coolasp1e

Prepare yourselves...


I have been finishing that VR Energy Drink remix! That's right, the old one from bout a year ago. But this time it sounds WAYYYY better. And if you liked it then, well well have I got some news for you!


If you want a preview leave a comment and I'll give you a snippit of it ;)



I seriously would like to take the time to give a Huge, HUGE thanks to all the judges who judged my piece, and many others! I can almost guarantee this competition would never have happened without you all! Special thanks to JohnFN for going out of his way to even make reviews! This is such a neat and nice competition, getting people to know other people and such!


Also, a huge thing may come up soon: Commissions!


I'll be able to make a song for a game, GD, Project, video, whatever. In return... well, that's the problem. I really can't think of such. So, in the meantime, enjoy the next song that'll be coming out momentarily. I will think of what to do... Ah, who am I kiddin, I'll make the first 10 free. then, I'll have that time to see what I can do.


Thanks to all who judged, Congrats to all who got in, and most importantly...


Good luck to you all!