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FWLR - Who's Dis FWLR - Who's Dis

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is an amazing song! Idk why it doesn't have WAY more views! Keep up the good work! ;3

And rip GD xD


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Alrighty, this beginning is pretty cool. with the mix of synth and strings! Pretty nice if I say so. Nothing really much to say about it. The chords are good.

The transition isn't really... well, nice. Yes, it isn't in your face, but you'd have to listen to it a few times to realize it is one. However, this is video game style. I give you a pass for that xD

In fact, instead of reviewing this song, I'll just listen to it. It's so calming and relaxing but at the same time, it's got a boss-fighty feel to it. Some of the transitions do overpower the mix a little. And that note transition at 1:50 kinda throws me off.

The good: The drums are good. And that piano! Beautiful! You can add some velocity to make the piano sound more natural, but other than that good! And the guitar is not too overpowering. And that pause is just soo sick. And the cutting of melodies. Beautiful in my opinion.

The bad: Some of the chords really don't match right. Maybe that's what you were going for, not sure. Some transitions and leads can take over everything sometimes. Mainly just a lil mixing problem, easy to fix.

Good job, you get a 4.5/5! If you want a full scale review chart and what you need to do,PM me or just comment back saying you want that xD

Mainly, just mix and master a little better and make some adjustments and you've got some quality VG music right here.

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MysteriousPresence responds:

Aw thanks for that kind and helpful review ! <3
Yeah I love mixing electro and orchestral stuff, it's kinda my motto.
I tried something quite new for this transition, but I'm not a fan either. :P
I totally missed 1:50, I don't even know why I did that ! X)
Got that advice on velocity ! ;)
Well to be honest it's a really great review ! Maybe the only thing I would like to know is what pause are you talking about, and what not matching-chords ?
Thanks again friend ! I luv u ! <3

Into The Rave Into The Rave

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Needs more bass, some cleaning up on the synths, that ending is a bit weird, the bass "drop" took a little long to get to, and there was sadly only one of them, the actual part is copied and pasted with no variation (Only good in some cases), The changes at :54 are random with no signal that they're coming, would advise a sudden drum dropout and then put in the changes and the drums, the entire thing feels like it has no rhythm, nothing to bounce to, the composition is nice, and the main melody is pretty interesting.

I've been tough, but I see a lot of potential. Keep it up! :)

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SimplyGaming24 responds:

Thank's for your help! :)

Twitterpated Twitterpated

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Start: Interesting way of starting your piece with an acoustic guitar, which I admit sounds awesome. The drums sound pretty nice in that section. Nice chords that fit well with eachother. And the hints of the electric guitar that comes after this section sounds epic, giving us a look at what we'll be listening to. However, whilst all the instruments sound amazing, the actual tone this is supposed to be setting (Dubstep) isn't there. (More on that later) From an aesthetic point of view, this is great, needs some sidechain, otherwise Nice!

Drop...?: I really dont know what to call this. It's got an interesting feel, more Dubstep-like this time around. I really feel this needs... something else. It's got everything you'd really need except for maybe a synth? Everything aesthetic doesn't tell me Dubstep, maybe a bassline or two would help. I'd like to point out however that the electric guitar does sound a bit iffy, and could use a little cleaning up. That's my opinion. Otherwise, nice slow and happy composition, and great sounds.

Composition: 5/5
Aesthetic: 4/5
Tone: 3/5

Overall: 4/5

While although you get some things you wanted, you didn't get the Dubstep part. Dubstep normally includes 2 drops, and filthy bassline. I recommend you look at a guy called NightKilla, he's all about Dubstep, and maybe you could learn some things from him. Otherwise, nice piece, good and soothing. ;3

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Ceevro responds:

Yeah, classification is always a bitch, isn't it? I'm just not sure what I should be calling this. The 'dubstep' classification basically came from the folder title of the audio library I used for the samples, though I freely admit I used house and hip-hop percs. Other than that, I just played what I thought sounded right.

As for the electric guitar sounding iffy...well...uh...that was an improv solo played in a single take. There's just gunna be errors in that kind of playing. I'm good, but not good enough to play a flawless solo on the fly!

Thanks for the review! I'll do more research into dubstep, 'cause I think it's got some great sounds that I wanna capitalize on.

Absolutely not i say Absolutely not i say

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I wonder how in the world you haven't been scouted

TechnicaGmd responds:


Metal Slug 3: Mission 4 &amp;quot;Desert&amp;quot; Remastered Metal Slug 3: Mission 4 "Desert" Remastered

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nothing much I can say, except for a few things:

Trumpets need to be a little echo-y, it's just a little thing. and make them a little less loud.

I really loved the structure on this one. However, a little melody change would be a little nice in the middle/end of the song.

Other than that everything is good!

JonMan94 responds:

That might be the delay/chorus I added on that track, but even then I've been listening to it today over other sources (In my car, from my phone, laptop, etc...) and I'm already going to be reworking the mix from the ground up (for the second time) because I've noticed some issues that I'm not happy with:

1) Kick and Snare are buried in mix, cymbals are too loud and harsh

2) hi-hats are buried, ride cymbal is annoyingly cutting from open speaker sources (I noticed this in my car especially)

3) Guitars are slightly too quiet, but the bass is fine, just needs to be slightly louder

4) Trumpet Lead and Brass Leads are washy, "blurred" in mix (no definition between notes).

I am planning to do the 3rd Mission theme (The Midnight Wandering) as well, and since Youtube is my primary release area, I'm definitely going to be holding back on releasing them until I can get the mix right.

Thanks for the scouting and the review! Your're the first one who's ever done this.

[The Other Dream] [The Other Dream]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is by far your best piece

Keep going down this road. Try not to make everything the same. Don't repeat a lot.

And I may use one of your songs in GD

NekrosisGD responds:

Thanks a lot man.
And yes you can use my songs in gd.

Three Heart Shaped Pixels Three Heart Shaped Pixels

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Basically a revised Stereo Madness... Okie

5TanLey responds:

believe me or not, I have never heard the song before :

The Chase (Is On) *2.0* The Chase (Is On) *2.0*

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Repitition is gonna be your bitch, I know. In the beginning, too much of it. Key changes were pretty good. Try to factor in some good bass as well. Other than that, pretty awesome!

DJ-CJ-Doty responds:

Thanks for the info! I'll keep that in mind. :)

Light Pollution Light Pollution

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Melodies: The chord progression for this is very... interesting. And, sorry to say, but I don't think that last chord doesn't fit right. If that's on purpose, than my bad. The melody is creepy, yet.. relaxing. It's very weird. Also, try sidechaining the drums and making them quieter, the snare is too loud, and so is the ride/hi-hat.
Mixing: As I said, the drums need fixing. Those pads need to be just a tad quieter when the melody kicks in. And it's very quiet on the entire mix. maybe try to spice it up with a little more bass?
Sound: This... is where you did well. Those pads are just amazing! The snare could use some work, but other than that, you're pretty down on the sounds!

Melodies: .7/1
Mixing: .2/1
Sound:. .9/1
Total Rating: 3 stars.

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